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Højbjerg Tells a Story About a Coaching Drill Kopfball

Højbjerg Tells a Story About a Coaching Drill Kopfball

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1 man inside the Etihad Stadium didn't blink. "That is the man I have to know," Pierre-Emile Højbjerg, the Southampton midfielder, states. I wasn't shocked." The introduction arrived in April 2013 under Jupp Heynckes from Nuremberg and a few months afterward Guardiola entered his life when he took over as boss. As with everything in the club, it was an instruction. "It's something which sits here for the rest of your profession," Højbjerg says, tapping his temple. About studying it, it was all about understanding the sport. I liked how he wanted to play soccer and thought about soccer." Højbjerg depicts Guardiola -- that has just led Town into the Premier League title -- as an individual with insatiable passion. It would bubble when Guardiola couldn't understand why an attacker like Redmond would not need to attack just as it did against Southampton.

"Can he direct it at me? Needless to say," Højbjerg states. "Everybody has felt is feeling in his group, right now, his enthusiasm. It's his manner of expressing himself. He wants to keep that because it is him." Højbjerg tells a story about a coaching drill Kopfball, where a ball must be headed by players and time it because it is going to return. "He was saying: 'Come' I went and he pulled the string. However, it made me jump. They always pushed me. Bayern was about forming a winner the college. "I had been a privileged boy and I got to see things that perhaps you never believed you would see -- the responses, the discussions, the remedies, the means of training, of ingestion, of acting. It was a player 24 hours per day. agen judi bola

Bayern had some of the greatest players in the world and there was one goal: to finish the season with names. It begins on 1 July and it goes until 20. It's a mindset. It is in the blood. You get hungry when you have experienced it. You get horny for names." Højbjerg has Bundesliga medals from his period at Bayern; he made 17 appearances in the contest across three title-winning seasons ahead of loan moves to Augsburg and Schalke. The highlight was arguably the DFB-Pokal closing in May 2014, when Guardiola pushes him into the starting lineup. Bayern beat against Borussia Dortmund from Thomas Müller and Arjen Robben. "It was amazing but it went so fast. "I was known as the night before into Guardiola's room, he showed me a few clips, some strategies, and he said: 'Tomorrow, you'll play' It was a period for me. I received my team debut, seven days after. And two weeks earlier, I lost my dad."

Højbjerg's dad had stomach cancer. "Grief is a challenging thing. You feel you need to make and that you stand 18 years old, you're out in the football world that is big. When you're 18, 19, you do not always see the big picture and the individual that was constantly seeing the big picture wasn't there anymore." It was apparent although it had been hardened at Bayern. At 14 he made the choice to swap FC Copenhagen for Brondby -- a movement Højbjerg has likened to "shifting from Everton to Liverpool -- it is like going to the enemy". Copenhagen was the dominant force in the level in Danish youth soccer. "It was a crazy move for a child to make but I think it was the notion of turning the wrong thing into the ideal thing," he says. "The thing nobody anticipated."

Among the first games for Brondby was against Copenhagen. With the goal, his team won 1-0. With Højbjerg having helped to establish Brondby he confronted Copenhagen more, eighteen months later. "At half-time it was 3-1 and I had scored two. Through half-time, he went to my agent and my dad and the Bayern academy chief, Michael Tarnat, watched and said: 'We're purchasing the kid. And if he is not being bought by Bayern, I will buy him myself. In any event, I'm taking him with me' I really lived in Tarnat's home during my first year in Munich."


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